[MOD][P][U][SOLA][GO][JB] Increase Gaming Performance v2.5



Hello Friends .. I'm Back with my new version of this 
~v2.5~ ! The Most Effective Version Of this IGP Mod !

this mod is to make gaming performance better
From  High Ended Devices

This Port/Mod Includes :-
Mali 400 (Default) ( With Some Improvement)
Tegra 3
Power VR


I'm not taking any responsibility if you brick your device while flashing this mod.
You are doing this your own risk.
Skip this , If you don't want to soft brick.
Although its tested but if you will play with files in this mod then Its over you. 
I Hope you have read this carefully, Now move to next steps :

Requirement :-
 Root And CWM

Instructions :-

1.First download require data from Here !!
2.Copy it to your sd card
3.Turn off your phone and switch to CWM
4.Wipe Dalvik Cache And Cache Partition
5.Install this mod
And Enjoy

New Feature:-
 Hello Guys in this version i also added a awesome compatibility , you can use this mod in any Mali-400 device and any ROM...

Please Don't Steal My Works or Share/ Add them in your Roms without taking permissions from me . 


Noel Macwan
Author/ Admin/ Recognized Themer/ Recognized Contributor 

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Роман Кудалин said...

Unfortunately there is no difference with the mod on Xperia u with GB

Noel Macwan said...

I will make this mod for GB too bro , don't worry :P

D-a-n-i-e-l said...

Flashed properly, stuck at SONY Logo. I am using CusROM Otona Jelly Bean v1.2.5 A1.100

Noel Macwan said...

Ok, try this version , it will definitely work : http://www.4shared.com/zip/rfAt0w20/MODJBSOLA_Increase_Gaming_Perf.html

Anonymous said...

dose it work on samsung s2 ???

Noel Macwan said...

Nope, this version will not work on Mali 400 MP device .. for Mali 400 MP device here you go : http://sxdevelopers.blogspot.com/2013/08/modicsmali-400mp-increase-gaming.html

Try it and give feedback ;)
Thank you and Good Luck (Y)

Anonymous said...

does it work on CM9?

Noel Macwan said...

Nope, This version is only for JB/CM10 (Yes, i know that i have added compatibility for all firmwares but its better to install this for your CM9 , Mali400 device : http://sxdevelopers.blogspot.com/2013/07/modicsmali-400turbo-power-increase.html

this is turbo edition ;)

Geanish Dajee said...

does this one work on xperia j? because i have been waiting for a long time

Noel Macwan said...

Nope this one will not work for Xperia J , Xperia J having Adreno200 you need to try this one : http://sxdevelopers.blogspot.in/2013/06/modlmirotipojeray-increase-gaming.html

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Link not working ?????

Noel Macwan said...

its working bro , you need to skip the ad

Arnavpunit Jain said...

if you're from india adfly is banned so skip it using this website: http://www.dead.altervista.org/index.php

Noel Macwan said...

Ya im from India Only .. And i know its ban and i will soon stop using that service
Thanks for your support :)

Andy Pham said...

does it work on XP Dark Rom with Sliding Kernel? ..thanks :)

Noel Macwan said...

Ya , it will work .. but maybe sometime it can conflict .. but dont worry :)

Anonymous said...

Do you have mod of mali400mp for xperia u cm11?

Noel Macwan said...

no , not yet ! if you wanna get it . remind me after week

Fatir Ali said...

Will it work on Xperia P?

Fatir Ali said...

"Xperia P stock Rom Phantom kernel" to b specific

Noel Macwan said...

yeah it will work

Anonymous said...

Will it work on xperia s

Unknown said...

is this make the graphic low ?

Noel Macwan said...

No it wont

Samuel Pascua said...

why doesn't the zip contain /system/lib/egl/libEGL_mali.so and other *****mali.so?

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