Xperia Z1 Themes For Xperia M / HDPI



Hello Friends .. 
I have mod the themes specially for Xperia M but this will work for all HDPI devices and they are resized from stock Z1 theme packs and this theme quality is really HD !


I'm not taking any responsibility if you brick your device while installing this mod.
You are doing this your own risk.
Skip this , If you don't want to soft brick.
Although its tested but if you will play with files in this mod then Its over you. 
I Hope you have read this carefully, Now move to next steps :

Requirement :-
Instructions :-

1.First download require data from Here !!
2.Copy all apks 
Note : this is not flashable zip since there is no CWM for Xperia M
3. And Paste it to /system/app/
4.Then Immediately Reboot your device
And Enjoy

Like My Work ? Feel Free to share it!
but don't forget to attach this post link in it :)

Please Don't Steal My Works or Share/ Add them in your Roms without taking permissions from me . 


Noel Macwan
Author/ Admin/ Recognized Themer/ Recognized Contributor 

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Cian Hackett said...

what is the '' file and do i need it?

Noel Macwan said...

It's official SXDevelopers App , if you really like this Mod and SXDevelopers then you can push it to /system/app/ or install it like normal app
I hope that you will sure install it
Thanks !

Cian Hackett said...

I will check it out for sure. However you should really note in your post that this app is included in the download perhaps beside the step where you say copy all .apk's

Noel Macwan said...

ya , all the apps should be push to /system/app/ only ;)

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