[ROM][UB][5.1.1][UNOFFICIAL] SlimLP For Xperia M


SlimRom is a custom android operating system. The main goal is to offer users a slimmed down but still feature rich alternative to other android operating systems.
The entire SlimTeam work together to bring you this tailor-made beauty straight from Android Open Source Project (AOSP) source code.
All of the sources can be publicly viewed through GitHub and Gerrit.

/* #include <std_disclaimer.h>
*  Your phone's warranty is now void.
*  This is a custom ROM developed by Warrior1208. 
*  You are flashing this on your Samsung Galaxy SII(Intl) at your own peril.
*  I am not responsible for hard bricks, damages to SD Cards, thermonuclear war, 
*  or you getting fired because the alarm app failed.
*  I would definitely help you out if you are stuck somewhere, provided that you give 
*  me clear details of the mishap.
*  Don't ask for ETA's cause there is a thing called "LIFE" outside XDA.
SlimLP is currently in alpha stage, some settings are already in place, much is still missing and would come with time. Stay tuned!


Android Lollipop
Slim Center
Slim Launcher
Slim File Manager
Slim Heads Up
The Real Dark Slim User Interface
SlimPIE (inspired by ParanoidAndroid's PIE with a light touch of Slim)
Smart Card Service
Adaptive Backlight
Adaptive Brightness
Smart Lock
Privacy Guard
Sounds Tweaks(Audio FX and Music FX)
Status Bar Tweaks
Battery Saver Mode
Removed Bloatwares
Notification Reminder/Snoozer
Drawer Shortcuts
Lockscreen Shortcuts
Custom Quick Settings Tiles
Improved Performance
Camera - True View
Camera - Smart Capture
and Much More! 

Make sure its unlocked bootloader
Copy ROM to device
Power off your device
get boot.img from zip 
Connect into fastboot mode (USB + Vol +)
FlashTool> Flash> Fastboot mode > Select kernel to flash
and browse the kernel
See log , if its succesfully flashed , unplug device 
and boot to recovery via pressing vol + key
Wipe Cache and Data 
and ROM and Gapps than


Build 1:
~ Audio playback
~ Video recording broken

Downloads :- click here !

- Sony for device
- Gon For Device Manifest
- Slim Roms

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Noel Macwan

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