[Theme] Christmas Theme for Xperia

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Christmas Theme for Xperia
Personalize your Xperia smartphone with Christmas Theme.

What's themed ?

- Homescreen wallpaper
- Lockscreen wallpaper

- Switch
- Radio button
- Checkbox

App icons:
- Phone
- Messaging
- Camera
- Weather
- Settings
- Contacts
- Clock
- Calculator
- Icon backplate

~ Navigation icons

System sounds:

- Ringtone
- Alarm
- Notification

and many more!


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[Theme] Pixel Xperia Theme

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Pixel Xperia Theme is re-designed form of Pixel style for your smartphone Sony Xperia ™

Contains following changes:
- Pixel Wallpaper
- Pixel icons
- Pixel audio
- Pixel navigation


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[Theme] Circular Xperia Theme

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Circular Xperia theme is re-designed form of Semc style for your smartphone Sony Xperia ™


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[App] Battery Alert | Get notified when battery gets charged fully.

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Battery Alert sends acknowledgment to user when battery gets charged fully and hence saves battery from damage.
Also it helps to get notification that the battery has been charged, we don't need to check the status again and again.



* Sony, SONY logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sony Corporation
* XPERIA logo, Xperia are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sony Mobile Communications -Inc.
* All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.
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Newsfeed App for XperiaBlog

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XperiaBlog.net is a completely INDEPENDENT and UNOFFICIAL website dedicated to Sony Xperia products which shares news regarding Xperia devices.


Download: Click here !

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[FTF] Xperia Z3+ E6553 32.2.A.0.224 Customized IN

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Android 6.0.1
Security patch level, April 1
Messaging: stickers
Ultra STAMINA Mode and STAMINA Mode
New apps: Email, Xperia Tips
App Updates: Calendar, FM Radio
and many more


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Post via Xperia on Facebook

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Make status update on Facebook with "via Xperia Smartphone"


 Download: click here !
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Xperia X Theme for CM 12/+

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Xperia X Theme for CyanogenMod Theme Engine is styled look like Xperia X, which includes resources from stock Sony ROM.
This theme works only on devices with the CM 12/12.1/13 theme engine.
What's Themed:
~ Settings
~ SystemUI
~ Phonebook
~ Dialer/Contact
~ Eleven Music
~ Gallery
~ Messaging
~ Icons
~ Bootanimation
~ SuperSU
~ Styles/Framework
And more...


Download: Click Here !
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