[UBL] SXDNickiMallow Hybrid Kernel for Xperia M

Hey ! ,Im presenting you custom kernel for Xperia M running on CyanogenMOD/ CyanogenMOD 13 based ROMs and AOSP/AOSP 6.0 Based ROMs

You are doing all the stuffs on your own, 
If you messed with your device , im not taking any responsibility of it !

You must be using CyanogenMOD/ CyanogenMOD 13 based /AOSP/AOSP 6.0 Based ROM
Unlocked bootloader  

Linaro GCC 4.9 Toolchain
XZ compression for lighter ZImage and faster boot 
makefile optimizations for snapdragon SoC's  
Use -mcpu=cortex-a15 when targeting MSM Krait CPUs  
~ Linux Kernel 3.4.4
~ USB Fast Charge
~ Smooth Scrolling Table
~ Intelligent Hotplug 
~ CPU frequency limiter
~ Frandom
~ Enabled ZCache by default
~ Dynamic management of dirty page writebacks 
~ Dynamic Fsync 2.0 
~ Optimized ARM RWSEM algorithm 
- Optimizations to default SLUB allocator
- Asynchronous I/O latency to a solid-state disk greatly increased 
-Lock initial TCP window size to 64k (Improves network ping and output)
~ ARM Optimized AES and SHA1 Routines
~ ARCH Power 
~ Mount Noatime And Nodriatime by Default 
~ MSM ARCH cpufreq Turbo Boost Driver 
~ Intelli Thermal Driver
~ Improved 3x faster integer sqrt 
- XZ compression for lighter zimage and faster boot
~ 1.78 GHz CPU OC
~ 500 MHz GPU OC
~ GPU Optimized flag
~ Disabled Gentle Fair Sleepers 
- Added zSwap from Linux 3.11 
- Added frontswap 
- Added vnswap - a virtual swap page file residing the RAM memory pool. 
~ Intelligent hotplug cpu driver with eco mode (intelliplug)
~ Added native Samsung F2FS filesystem support
~ Linux MM Readahead set to 256k
~ Added various minor kernel bug fixes from CAF/kernel.org 
~ More accurate load calculations (better battery/performance) 
~ Added mutex optimization (better multi-tasking) 
~ Scheduler optimization (smoother multi-tasking) 
~ Patches to reduce kernel latencies for network, fs  
~ Crypto lib optimization 
~ Increased MM heap size for smooth streaming  
~  Forced 500Ma charging current on unknown chargers
~ Added support to play 1080p videos
~ Screen Wake Control :- 
        Double Tap to Wake
 And Manymore

   Governors :- 
~ Intellidemand

I/O Schedulers :-

R1:- Download !!

Make sure its unlocked bootloader
Power off your device
Boot into CWM 
and flash the kernel
See log , if its succesfully flashed , Reboot it 
Enjoy !

Me for worksarounds :P finding out commits from corners and compiling haha
Sony for device and source
RonGokhale, varun chitre, faux123, thirdzcee, ngxson, DooMLoRD  and all our great Xperia Devs

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Noel Macwan

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